About Brendan

Senior Computer Science Major, specializing in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence - Cornell University 2017

From Garden City, New York, Brendan enjoys building robots, flying multirotors, and cooking. Brendan now works as a Software Engineer at Apple on the Silicon Validation team.


When you have an idea, a spark of innovation, it is a powerful feeling to know that you can act on that idea.

Brendan is a strong proponent of a “make-ocracy” - a word of his own creation where you can choose what you want to make and make it. It is an idea that people shouldn’t be held back from being able to make positive change a reality.


CUAir is an interdisciplinary project team combining aspects of computer science, engineering, and business. The team aims to provide students from all majors at Cornell with an opportunity to learn about unmanned air systems in a hands-on setting.

Electric Skateboard

It helps Brendan get up the hills in Ithaca, NY. Feels good man.

Shaper Tools

Shaper is a human-involved robotics company that integrates computers with handheld power tools to simplify and improve the process of making.

Drink Machine

A custom designed and built drink making machine. Designed for an Arduino with a custom control circuit, this machine is able to make over 10 different drinks from the 5 ingredient bottles.

RanDemise - RPG Toolbox

A tabletop RPG game-master toolbox focused on the creation and use of custom random tables to generate dynamic scenarios.

CNC Controller

Brendan and Nikita build a CNC controller in a custom bare metal environment to run on a RaspberryPi board able to interface with an arbitrary CNC machine.