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As a result of the system design, the team was able to develop a functional CNC controller capable of:

The controller currently requires the use of the AS5161 encoders, coupled with diametric magnets on the motor's shaft. However the system was designed modularly such that as long as position feedback was given, the system would be able to do precise position control with arbitrary motors.

Expected Result, simulated here

Actual Result

As shown above, the CNC was able to follow the path constructed by the following GCode.

G0 X10 Y10

G1 X35 Y10
G1 X10 Y10
G1 X10 Y35
G1 X35 Y35
G1 X10 Y35
G1 X10 Y60
G1 X70 Y60
G3 X70 Y10 R25
G1 X105 Y10
G1 X80 Y10
G1 X80 Y35
G1 X105 Y35
G1 X80 Y35
G1 X80 Y60
G1 X105 Y60